Schizophrenia and Different Variety of Strokes. Previous research has indicated that there may be a connection between schizophrenia and stroke; however, there has been no research conducted on the subtypes of stroke. Our study investigated the possibility of a causal connection between schizophrenia and a variety of stroke outcomes, including those caused by atherosclerosis, embolism, and hemorrhage.

The prevalence of schizophrenia has increased by forty percent over the previous ten years, and it affects more than twenty million people around the world. Middle-aged populations are responsible for two-thirds of all instances, and this phenomenon is a significant contributor to a reduction in life expectancy as well as a significant cost on public health.2, 3, Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia frequently exhibit metabolic problems. A meta-analysis that gathered information from 25 692 individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia revealed a significant prevalence of obesity, hypertension, hyperglycemia, and dyslipidemia, which in turn conferred an increased risk of stroke on those who were affected by these conditions.

Providing proof of a possible causal link between schizophrenia and cardioembolic stroke is something that we have succeeded in doing. According to our findings, individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia should be given serious consideration for cardiac examination.

Randomization analyses using the Mendelian method were carried out using two samples. Ischemic stroke, large-artery stroke, small-vessel stroke, cardioembolic stroke, and intracerebral hemorrhage were the types of strokes that were included in the summary-level data that was acquired for schizophrenia and stroke. The data was confined to individuals with European ancestry. Initially, an inverse variance weighting method was utilized to investigate the correlations between schizophrenia and each outcome. Subsequently, Mendelian randomization Egger, weighted median, and weighted mode were utilized to further investigate the relationships. The Cochran Q statistic, the I2 index, and the Mendelian randomization Egger intercept were also utilized in conjunction with scatter and funnel plots in order to investigate the prevalence of pleiotropy. Through the utilization of inverse variance weighting, we were able to establish correlations between schizophrenia and cardioembolic stroke (odds ratio [OR], 1.070 [95% CI, 1.023–1.119]) as well as intracerebral hemorrhage (OR, 1.089 [95% CI, 1.005–1.180]). The findings showed that there was very little evidence of relationships with the other forms of stroke. A variety of Mendelian randomization techniques supported the relationship with cardioembolic stroke, however they did not support the association with intracerebral hemorrhage.

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