This document describes the privacy policies practiced by CPR Works of Charlotte, as it applies to their customers and offered services. It covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that may be collected by CPR Works of Charleston anytime you interact with CPR Works of Charlotte, such as when you purchase CPR Works of Charlotte courses, visit our Web site, or when you request our customer support/information. For your understanding please read the following to learn about our information practices, what information we collect, how it is used, to whom we disclose this information, and how we protect your information.


At CPR Works of Charlotte we recognize that protection of your privacy is important. This document outlines the personal information we receive and collect when you use CPR Works of Charlotte services. We hope that this will answer your questions and enable you to determine if you would like to share your personal information with us.

Personal Data that we collect

The services we offer require for you to register for an account and provide us with some basic personal information.
Data you provide: CPR Works of Charlotte collects personal information when an interested individual registers to take an online CPR/AED or First Aid course; or if the individual voluntarily provides this information. This information is used to provide proper certification for individuals who pass our courses.
Email communication: When you send CPR Works of Charlotte an email (or other communication), we may retain these to fully process your requests, and record purposes.
Web cookies: When you visit CPR Works of Charlotte one or more times a cookie – a small file of text sent by a server to a web browser; after which a message is sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server – may be stored in your computer. Most browsers are setup to accept these cookies, but you can reset your browser to refuse or clear cookies.
Other sites: This privacy policy applies only to pages and services owned by CPR Works of Charlotte. We have no control over sites that may appear as search results or links from our services. These other sites may be results of Web cookies or existing files on your computer, which may also be extracting information from you.

How we may use your personal data

We will use your personal information for printing and mailing out your official certificate and wallet card, after you have successfully completed the course.
The billing information you provide will be used by to compensate (pay) for CPR Works of Charlotte training services; after you have consented to pay.
We may also use your personal information with third parties, when/if required by legal processes.
We will use this information to contact you if we have any questions regarding the courses you enrolled in, incorrect mailing/email address, or in correspondence of support, technical problems, and etc.
We will maintain your personal information (except billing information) as needed for company records.
Note: You can decline to provide us with personal information. However, CPR Works of Charlotte services will not properly function or function at all as a result.

Privacy Protection

We will not share or sell your personal information without your consent, unless ordered by law.
We will have record of the billing information you provide to on the CPR Works of Charlotte Web site; however this information can only be accessed by
We take security measures to protect against misuse, loss and/or data alteration by our system. However, we are not liable for any personal information that you submit to CPR Works of Charlotte. All the information that you provide to CPR Works of Charlotte is submitted at your own risk.
We are not held liable if there is a security breach on or our servers.

Privacy Questions

If you have questions or concerns about CPR Works of Charlotte Privacy Policy please email us at

What is personal information?

Personal information is what we collect when you first register with CPR Works of Charlotte. This includes your first and last name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, billing information, and previous course history. Your name, address, and e-mail address is used for your official course completion certificate and wallet card. Any billing information that is provided is directed to